Fence Installation

Our aim here is to give you an idea of what exactly will happen when you decide to have a fence installation by Hol-Tech Fencing. Every install is different but the process often takes the same overall path. We always aim to be as transparent as possible. Expect us to give you realistic timelines but you never know when the next surprise is just around the corner. We always try to be sympathetic to your needs. If budget is the premium consideration we will try and see where money saving opportunities are available. If a market leading quality finish is high priority we can suggestions as to top-grade materials.

Let’s jump into an overview of a fence installation with us, Hol-Tech Fencing.

  1. speak on the phone to discuss your overall situation. maybe ask for some photos
  2. arrange a visit
  3. visit and see the site
  4. discuss in more depth your requirements and our suggestions for the best solution including timescales, material, styles and colour choices
  5. settle a price and arrange a date for the works
  6. on the day we will arrive and get to work
  7. clear the area for equipment and the install
  8. dismantle and remove any of the existing fence structure that was agreed
  9. dig any holes for any required fence posts
  10. fit and concrete in new posts
  11. assemble and build panels if required
  12. fit panels/boards into place
  13. finish panels/boards in the agreed manner
  14. clear up site and say our goodbyes