Always great to work in and around Ipswich ( obvious traffic issues aside! ).  The lions' share of our work comes from the Ipswich central area, the surrounding outskirts and suburbs. It can be a challenging places to work. Surprisingly the mostly flat Suffolk can provide some tricky and sloped land in and around Ipswich. Our proximity to the River Orwell lends itself to the fact that we have a fairly hilly town surrounded by the flat countryside of Suffolk.

Also, we are quite a windy area of the country with some strong gusts blowing in off the North Sea. When high speed winds hit Suffolk we are often at the ready for quick repairs, reinforcing of current structures and complete rebuilds in some cases. We always try to make our customers aware of these potential conditions when quoting on work. Essentially, a few extra pounds spent on stronger materials and fencing type can save you bother and further cost at a later date.

Hol-Tech Fencing Proudly Serving Ipswich Since 2005

Since the early days, starting out as a small one-man band, i've always tried to stay in touch with the customers needs. We suggest things, develop ideas that work and give the customer the best result. That personal touch that you often lose when a business gets too big.  I live local to Ipswich and understand that word spreads fast in communities like this. When a customer realises that you are on their side everyone benefits.

Keeping That Local, Caring Spirit

Customer First, Every Time

The Local Touch