Thinking Of Going For An Artificial Lawn?

Might be time to seriously consider it. The technology has improved in leaps and bounds!

Forget all the bad news you've heard about artificial turf. Great strides in technology has made it a great option to consider. With the planet being increasingly dry there's never been a better time to get an artificial lawn installed. Hol-tech fencing can chat to you, evaluate your property and requirements then install and finish the final product to an exceedingly high standard. We've been doing these for years so don't expect any nasty surprises!

The look of a perfect lawn with none of the upkeep

With awesome new grass mimicking materials the new turfs are extra shock absorbent. It really creates that bounce you want when walking on grass. The fibrous floor of the turf drains in fast order now, more so than ever. After a heavy downpour you'll find that the grass is dry quickly and the underside isn't soggy. This also creates a very low maintenance product as it can easily be cleaned and it does not harbour bad smells.

Comfortable and soft underfoot you'll still be able to let children run and play on it. They might not even know it's artificial! Maintenance is easy and doesn't require any harmful chemicals that will force you off the grass for a period. Just give it the occasional brush down and show it the hose occasionally and you'll be fine. The lawn can last up to 20 years with even this minimal after-care.


Say goodbye to the dreaded mower forever!

Every customer we've installed synthetic grass for has been ecstatic with the results. We usually get a few questions about the products we install. The lawn will be fine with dogs if you get the correct model of lawn, contact us about that. You can still have a lovely BBQ on the lawn but just use some common sense and put some bricks or paving slabs in between the heat and the artificial turf. The install can take up to a few days if its a big job. Feel free to ask us any questions you have bouncing around your mind. No pressure will be applied and we are more than happy to let you access our knowledge and experience.

What a Transformation!

Enquire today about an artificial lawn installation.

Fence Maintenance – 10 Tips For Keeping It Fresh


Time consuming but will massively extend the life of any fence. Stains deeply penetrate the wood and protect it from rot. You could also paint the fence to protect it. Both these methods can also alter the colour of your fence to give it a new lease of life. Different types and wood require different fence maintenance, some are dipped, some are pressure treated. Ask one of our experts for more information about specifics.


Keeping a fence clean isn’t only about the aesthetics. A clean fence will last years longer than a dirty, neglected one. Dirt splattered up a fence will retain and trap moisture. The wood will weaken and mold could get a foothold. You can just use a sponge and soapy water for small areas. Alternatively, a powerful hose or power washer.


Any loose boards will reduce the integrity of the fence. Areas of disrepair may change how well water clears. Deal with loose nails and screws as water could get behind the protection and into the wood. If there is damage to the posts it might be a good idea to give us a call for some professional fence maintenance before it gets out of hand.

Careful Aim

Try to be wary of constant flows of water that might be hitting the fence. Keep that hose from soaking the fence regularly and try to place sprinklers such that they don’t sprinkle the fence as much as the vegetable patch. Try to prevent garden run-off from drenching the fence too.

Wildlife Watch

Depending on how you feel about nature you may want to keep an eye on how it’s interacting with your fencing. Moles burrowing up under and around the fence posts could be a problem. Birds may nest on or in the fence too.  Beware, loose panels might get exploited by local wildlife too so keep everything ship-shape if you can.

Jungle Prevention

Unless you have planned for and are letting vines and creepers traverse your fence you should keep them at bay. Climbing plant-life can pull and weigh down the shape of the fence. Of course a fence is designed to support itself, not extra passengers. Stalks, leaves and flowers also retain moisture and will transfer it to the fence.

Beware The Mold

For a few of the above reasons plus some other ones you should keep an eye out for mold patches. You can buy spray specifically to rid yourself of it. It looks unsightly and will create a weak spot in the wood.

Check Your Metal

As a fence ages you should keep an eye on the metal fixings used. If it was installed by someone other than Hol-Tech Fencing the metal could be poor quality and be susceptible to rust. It could weaken and snap leading to likely a broken or loose panel or two.

Watch The Weatherman

Keep abreast of incoming bad weather and act accordingly if you can. If there’s an autumn storm brewing up take the opportunity to get a quick look at your fence and garden. Any loose panels might provide the wind with the chance to tear of a chunk of fence. Additionally check the fence posts for strength as a rotten base can easily escape attention. Some extra care taken at this point can save you big in the long run. The BBC forecast always seems to be a good effort.

Stay Vigilant

This is applied to all of the above really. In the same way that most house and garden maintenance is, keep aware of how things are doing. A quick once-over of the fence every couple of weeks ( even when the weather is bad ) will reward you with a fence that lasts longer than your neighbours! Check it over and act fast to really get your moneys worth out of your new or refurbished fence. Keeping on top of your fence maintenance is really the key take-away from this article.

Back at Crow Hall

Lovely day for some post and rail timber fencing here. These types of jobs can be done pretty fast while retaining our trademark high quality if the conditions are right.

What type of fence should i choose?

At Hol-Tech Fencing we will keep in mind all variations of available fencing when you need new or replacement work. Suffolk is a predominately flat county and the coastal areas can receive a considerable amount and strength of wind. Every garden is different and fencing should be chosen to work in tandem with the area that it lives. We hope to answer some of your questions here, for any more information give us a call or pop a email our way - details here



Lap Panel Fences

  • Cost effective

  • Provides privacy

  • Easily repaired

  • Excellent range of choice

Closeboard Fencing

  • Strong and durable

  • Provides privacy

  • Easy to maintain

  • Premium and modern appearance


  • Provides an interesting flourish

  • Adds height to appearance

  • Wide variety of looks

  • Can be rustic or modern

Suffolk scene with fencing

Post and rail fencing

  • Strong and durable

  • Displays boundaries

  • Easy to maintain

  • Good value

Mid heigh picket fencing

Picket fencing

  • Unique and attractive look

  • Displays boundaries

  • Easy to maintain

  • Complements an attractive garden

Palisade secure fencing

Palisade aluminium fencing

  • Secure and tall

  • Displays boundaries

  • Zero maintenance

  • Lost lasting

Descending garden fencing

A Tricky Job

A tricky fencing build here in Ipswich, Suffolk. As you can see a lot of change in the height of the borders here in this lovely back garden. A lot of clearing had to be done, raised concrete bases and gradual changes in gradient were all things that had to be taken into account here. The end result was a huge tidying effect on the whole garden. Customer was more than happy.

Even if you’ve got a unusual garden there’s always a path to where you want it to be. Drop us a line or email.

Partway thru a fencing job

Crow Hall

A fencing contract on the outskirts of Ipswich, Suffolk. Hard ground and a long day in the sun but no compromise on quality. Customer was really happy with the final product. The overall look fits in the with the property well, a great match.  Contact Us now for a no hassle quote.

Into the woods

Lovely day to get out into the wilds of Suffolk. A little place just at the edge of Rendlesham Forest to replace a tired run of fence

Contact us here


An extra layer of security was required for rear entrance of this local Co-op store.

Palisade secure fencing

High security. High sided and secure. Made from toughened material to prevent any attempt to breach.

New build. Extra security.

Great to do a job for such a valued local business.

Toughened materials. Strong build.

Goff Petroleum

Local business Goff Petroleum had an emergency, a collision had brought down a vital wall and the clock was ticking

The wall had to be rebuilt before Christmas and the nights were drawing in fast. We made a start.

We can quote on all manner of commercial barriers. Fencing, brickwork, bespoke custom additions with metal work too.

There was barely time to spare before Christmas eve when the job was done. Quick but not rushed.