Collage of Swiss Farm Work

Swiss Farm

We were tasked by famous local Butchery Swiss Farm to complete some closeboard fencing and a range of internal carpentry.

Closeboard fencing and sign

We brought in GB Carpentry who did a great job on the rustic internals including this chunky counter.

Swiss Farm chunky counter

External closeboard fencing in the same style as the internal woodwork to bring together the customers' journey.

Farm Shop entrance with fencing

Sometimes the extra little touches really finish a job off. Here's a branded logo burnt into one of the wall sections.

branded Swiss Farm logo

Rustic and chunky shelving for display purposes. Strong and long lasting materials.

Swiss Farm shop shelves
getting ready to fix the fencing

Storm damage job in Ipswich

Back on familiar territory, Chantry estate. Another job that was damaged in the storms, I’m still getting through them . After removing the decking area we need to return to turf the area, but will wait a few weeks for warmer weather. Very pleased with the finished look on the fencing and gate, as was our customer.

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