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From a 24hr response for emergency fence repairs to stylish, practical garden fencing, Hol-Tech Fencing offers great service and fantastic results at affordable low prices. We can also make gates on site to fit any opening and erect and hand make sheds from scratch. Get in touch today for more information and a free quote.


As an experienced landscaper and fencing contractor, I will ensure that you get the result you want. Whether I'm adding a new fence to your garden or I'm providing emergency fence repairs, you'll get a cost-effective result and a full guarantee. Call Hol-Tech Fencing today.


Alongside your new fencing, I offer a comprehensive landscaping services for homes and small businesses in Ipswich and surrounding areas. With over 20 years as a construction contractor, I use these skills to provide property maintenance, including roofing and general handyman services.

Perhaps unsurprisingly fencing is where Hol-Tech started. Our mission is to start with clear and honest advice while laying out various options depending on what the customer wants to achieve. With so many varieties, types, cost options and materials available to the average consumer nowadays it can be a little daunting. Our experience will instantly help out as we can offer concise opinion about what will and won't work in the situation given.

There are standard questions that come up time and time again. The height of a fence is important but in small garden a high fence offering privacy might make the garden feel small and oppressive. The type of fence and material can hugely affect the price in tandem with the life of the product. Tight jobs or heavily angled gardens can make work difficult but we will always strive to find a good solution for a price that suits.

We will always try to be clear about timescales. The breadth of our experience gives us a pretty accurate clock for job estimation. If you're pressed for time we might still be able to help, if not then you can be assured of honesty in our response.

Some of our past closeboard fencing work

  • Closeboard with a chimenea
  • Fencing with childrens play equipment
  • Low fencing facing field
  • Closeboard
  • Closeboard fencing install with swing

Close board fencing is our most recommended flavour of fencing. Hand-built, it can be fitted as green or brown treated wood. Posts can be hard or soft wood or concrete. It's very solid looking border but with the right finish can really complement a garden. The uniform look of parallel lines is an aesthetically pleasing feature.

This type of fencing can have quite a large range of heights, ask for more details. It's versatility lends itself to angled or sloped gardens as boards can be individually cut to length to follow the contour of the ground. If the wood is treated every few years it should last many years. In the event of a breakage due to, for example, high winds repairs are relatively easy as a new board or rail can be cut and fitted without affecting the rest of the fence.

Some of our past palisade fencing work

  • Toughened materials. Strong build.
  • New build. Extra security.
  • Palisade secure fencing
  • Metal commercial fencing

For maximum security palisade fencing is your only option. A solid barrier that is designed first and foremost to be an intimidating obstacle. The rails are set low and high to avoid providing easy footing for someone looking to climb over. The material is slippery and any interloper would find getting grip near impossible. The galvanised metal will be impervious to most attacks so brute forcing your way through the fencing would take great effort and equipment. Lastly, we use tamperproof fixings so as to not leave a single weak point in the barrier.

Any well installed palisade system should last upwards of 15 years. If you elect to have the palisade powder-coated you can look at 25 years of usage before replacement is required.


Some of our past rustic and decorative fencing work

  • Gate installation
  • Closeboard fencing with neat borders
  • Light colour trellis

We can suggest many options if the aesthetics of the fence is a high priority. Trellis panels provide a barrier but allow sight through to give the feeling of space, these can go on top of a more standard fence or can be entire fence panels for a an interesting way of compartmentalising a garden. Hit and Miss panels are a great look, these offset panels allow wind to get through while allowing a glimpse of light from the other side at the right angle. Your garden will feel breezier and lighterwith these installed.

A woven panel provides a smooth look. The horizontal slats work in front of then behind the vertical poles to give a slightly rustic view but with a modern twist. For the ultimate in rustic you can look at hazel hurdle panels - intertwined hazel branches with enough movement to be woven in and out of vertical poles. A perfect look for an English countryside garden.

Some of our past picket fencing work

  • Mid heigh picket fencing

For picket fencing that lasts give us a call. A perfect low barrier for separating lawn and flowerbed, paving and vegetable patch or water feature and pathway. Can be finished in anyway to match the aesthetics of the garden. We can assist with picking the right product for the job and such an install can be done in rapid time.

A picket fence is not only a nice looking addition to a well looked after garden but provides a practical barrier against pets and children who might roam too far.

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